Pump Repair

High-quality pump repairs for any high-energy centrifugal pump

Pump repairs are the cornerstone of our business

Pivotal Pumps provides high-quality pump repair services throughout general industry for any high-energy centrifugal pump, regardless of manufacturer.  The repairs are conducted by skilled tradespeople utilizing state-of-the-art machine tools and supported by a knowledgeable staff of mechanical engineers.  Pivotal engineers partner directly with customers for the duration of the repair, keeping customers informed on the progress of the work, and allowing them to give input and add value to the process.

Take a Look at our Process...

  • Kickoff Meeting

    Pivotal Pumps begins every pump repair project with a kickoff meeting. During this meeting, Pivotal engineers work directly with the customer to discuss the failure mode along with any other unique challenges that they have experienced with the pump.

  • Disassembly

    The pump is then disassembled by experienced mechanical assembly technicians. During this process, digital photos are taken and all critical as-found pump settings are measured and documented.

  • Cleaning

    Disassembled parts are cleaned utilizing a combination of mineral spirits washing and sand blasting. All shafting and critical running clearance surfaces are polished using fine grit sand paper.

  • Inspection

    Expert inspection technicians perform a full visual, dimensional and non-destructive inspection of the pump components. A digital inspection report along with an as-found-condition report is prepared and supplied to the customer for review.

  • Quotation

    At this time, a repair quotation is also developed and supplied to the customer for approval. The quotation details the as-found damage and wear within the pump, proposed actions required to restore the pump to a like-new condition, and the price to accomplish this work.

  • Engineering

    After the repair quotation has been approved, the project is assigned to an engineer who produces manufacturing drawings for new parts, along with work instructions for any parts that are to be repaired.

  • Live "Progress Sheet"

    Once all engineering documents have been created, a live “progress sheet” is generated that acts as a macro and micro scheduling tool for our operations group during the manufacturing process. The customer is supplied via email with a hyperlink to this document, giving them a live view into the status of the repair for the duration of the project.

  • Weekly updates

    The project engineer also provides the customer with a weekly status update, providing interpretation of the “progress sheet” and confirming the overall schedule until the job has been completed.

  • Manufacturing Operations

    Manufacturing operations are conducted utilizing a variety of processes, including but not limited to: casting of new components, fabrication, welding, machining, balancing, painting and assembly. The vast majority of these processes are performed in-house, by skilled Pivotal Pumps employees. A small percentage of special processes are subcontracted to qualified vendors.

  • Final Assembly

    Final assembly of the pump is performed by experienced mechanical assemblers. Pivotal Pumps has an open door policy which applies to the entirety of each job, start to finish. Although not required, we encourage our customers to visit for witnessing of the final reassembly, and to better develop a partnership between our organizations.

  • Shipment

    Once the reassembly has been completed, the pump is prepared for shipment, securely crated and delivered back to the customer’s facility.

  • Warranty & Continued Support

    Pivotal Pumps warranties each repaired pump to be free from material and workmanship defects for 1-year of operation, regardless of installation date. Customer service and technical phone support are provided for the life of the equipment, free of charge.

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