Field Installation Services

Pivotal Pumps’ experienced field service team can assist your plant with the removal and field installation of mission critical pumps […]

Expert pump technicians available to assist with your installations

Pivotal Pumps’ experienced field service team can assist your plant with the removal and field installation of mission critical pumps of any make and model.  Our expert field service technicians are capable of providing technical oversight services of plant mechanics as well as turnkey services wherein Pivotal supplies all of the tooling and labor required to perform the job.

Take a Look at our Process...

  • Kickoff Meeting

    Pivotal Pumps begins every field service project with a kickoff meeting. During this meeting, Pivotal management works directly with the customer to discuss the scope and schedule of the removal/installation and how best to overcome the unique challenges of each project.

  • Project Management

    Pivotal field service project managers work with plant maintenance personnel to facilitate all aspects of a job, including defining the work scope, developing a project timeline, coordinating with third party labor providers and exploring avenues to increase efficiencies and reduce overall cost. These services can free up plant resources during critical planned outages.

  • Mobilization

    Pivotal field service technicians are available to deploy to the job site at any time on short notice. Depending upon the service level chosen, we are capable of supplying all tooling required to complete the job.

  • Installation or Removal Services

    Pivotal’s field service technicians are centrifugal pump specialists. With many years of pump installation experience, from all OEM’s, having a Pivotal technician onsite during an installation not only ensures that the job is done right, but also increases the efficiency of the install, thus reducing downtime.

  • Field Machining & Field Welding

    Pivotal offers onsite, in-place machining, NDE and welding solutions for a variety of applications. In-place stress relieving and post-weld heat treatment services can also be provided.

  • Laser Alignment

    Pivotal field technicians use state-of-the-art laser alignment systems to ensure that pumps are properly aligned and coupled to their driver. These systems are capable of accounting for thermal growth, identifying soft foot conditions as well as increasing the overall efficiency and accuracy of the alignment process.

  • Start-up Support

    Knowing what to look for during a pump startup is crucial. Our expert team of technicians have experience that can assist with proper startup procedures as well as helping to diagnose and solve any issues that may arise during the critical first moments of pump operation.

  • Documentation

    Pivotal field technicians are also documentation specialists. All critical pump installation settings, along with a timeline of the install will be recorded and supplied to the plant contact after the conclusion of each job. Such records can prove invaluable for future installations.

  • Billing

    Pivotal Pumps will provide time records, along with receipts for all expenses when the final bill is presented. Our billing process operates on the principle of full transparency and honesty.

  • Warranty & Continued Support

    Pivotal Pumps warranties all installation services to be free from material and workmanship defects for 1-year of operation. Customer service and technical phone support are provided for the life of the equipment, free of charge.

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