Engineering Analysis

Pivotal Pumps’ engineering team utilizes advanced engineering analysis tools to diagnose and treat some of the most challenging issues found […]

Identifying problems and providing solutions

Pivotal Pumps’ engineering team utilizes advanced engineering analysis tools to diagnose and treat some of the most challenging issues found throughout the pump industry.  Our engineers can run computational fluid dynamic and finite element analysis studies to solve a wide range of issues from cavitation to transient vibration.  When unexpected failures occur throughout industry, Pivotal Pump engineers can produce unbiased, 3rd party, failure mode and effects engineering analysis reports (FMEA).  Reports such as these can be used to ascertain financial responsibility for pump failures.

Take a Look at our Process...

  • Identify the Need

    The process begins when a plant personnel observe unusual pump operation. Signs of unusual pump operation could be audible cavitation, vibration, temperature transients, as well as a variety of other symptoms.

  • Reverse Engineering

    Pivotal Pumps engineering team takes advantage of cutting edge laser scanning and modeling techniques, along with decades of industry experience to reverse engineer pump components to the intended geometry.

  • Finite Element Analysis

    Engineers at Pivotal rely upon advanced FEA software and many years of engineering expertise to diagnose issues resulting from excessive stress concentrations, deflections and other detrimental mechanical phenomenon.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

    Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) studies can be applied to the pumps geometry to identify poor hydraulic performance. These studies are then taken to the next step, wherein CFD is used to optimize the pumps geometry thus maximizing hydraulic performance.

  • Rotor Dynamic Analysis

    Often times resonance, or natural frequencies can have a significant effect on the operation of a pump. As internal surfaces wear, and clearances increase, pump rotors can easily become undamped, resulting in natural frequencies equal to the pumps operating speed. Pivotal uses advanced engineering software to diagnose and solve these potential issues before they become a problem.

  • Root Cause Failure Analysis

    When a pump fails unexpectedly after a recent installation, the repair facility and the plant are left wondering what happened. Pivotal Pumps engineering team will provide unbiased, 3rd party, engineering support in this case. A Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) can be performed, and used to assist the plant when in discussions with the OEM or repair facility.

  • Data Reporting

    Pivotal Pumps engineering team will prepare a full engineering analysis report, complete with findings and recommendations that are specific to the unique challenge that is being solved.

  • Recommendations

    Pivotal Pumps engineering team will then discuss the report and recommendations with plant engineers, helping them to interpret the findings and draw meaningful conclusions that will solve their specific problem.

  • Billing

    Pivotal Pumps will provide time records, along with receipts for all expenses when the final bill is presented. Our billing process operates on the principle of full transparency and honesty.

  • Continued Support

    Customer service and technical phone support are provided for the life of the equipment, free of charge.

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