Engineered Upgrades

With a vast knowledge of design principles employed throughout the pump industry by a variety of manufacturers, Pivotal Pumps is […]

Engineered upgrades for real-world problems

With a vast knowledge of design principles employed throughout the pump industry by a variety of manufacturers, Pivotal Pumps is well positioned to provide best-in-class engineered upgrades.  These engineered upgrades can include hydraulic, mechanical or metallurgy design improvements that will increase pumping performance, life and efficiency.

Take a Look at our Process...

  • Identify the Need

    Plant personnel initiate contact with Pivotal Engineering with the desire to improve some aspect of their pump. With access to cutting edge design technology and industry experience utilizing exotic materials and engineered upgrades, Pivotal Engineers have the ability to optimize the design and performance of your pump.

  • Evaluate the System Parameters

    Pivotal engineers will start each engineered upgrade project by working with plant engineers, operators and maintenance mechanics to review the critical parameters of the pump and system as well as any historical issues that the pump has experienced. Our engineers will then create a menu of upgrade options that exist for your pump, along with a detailed ROI analysis for each option.

  • Hydraulic Upgrades

    As the world around us becomes more efficient, so must our pumps. Pivotal engineers possess the expertise to apply proven hydraulic design upgrades to your existing equipment that will increase pumping efficiency, eliminate cavitation and optimize your impeller geometry resulting in significant electrical cost savings.

  • Mechanical Upgrades

    Pivotal engineers will perform a detailed mechanical analysis on each component of your pump. Upgrade opportunities often exist, for a variety of components including but not limited to mechanical seals, radial bearings, thrust bearings and bearing isolators. Upgrading these components will yield a smoother running pump with an extended life between services.

  • Metallurgy Upgrades

    With many pumps operating in industry having been designed 20+ years ago, significant advantages can be found by upgrading materials within a pump. Whether it be the utilization of laser deposition welded internal wear surfaces, upgrading shaft materials or integration of composite materials, Pivotal engineers will find the optimal material selections for your pumps specific application.

  • Warranty & Continued Support

    Pivotal Pumps warranties all engineered upgrades to be free from material and workmanship defects for 1-year of operation. Customer service and technical phone support is provided for the life of the equipment, free of charge.

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