Aftermarket Parts Solutions

Pivotal Pumps provides high-quality aftermarket parts alternatives to expensive and long lead time OEM replacement parts.  Our parts are reverse […]

Quality parts when you need them delivered at industry best prices

Pivotal Pumps provides high-quality aftermarket parts alternatives to expensive and long lead time OEM replacement parts.  Our parts are reverse engineered by experienced engineers to be geometrically and metallurgical identical to OEM parts.  We can then supply these parts on an as needed basis, or as a part “kit” stocking program more efficiently and at a lower cost than the OEM.

Take a Look at our Process...

  • Order Specifications

    Pivotal sales professionals will work directly with the customer to determine the correct order quantity, required lead time and material upgrades (if applicable).

  • Part Kits

    The customer will have the option to purchase a spare part “kit”. Spare part kits include all wear components required to overhaul the pump. The kit can either be stored at the customer’s facility or at Pivotal Pumps’ warehouse until it is needed. Kits are supplied in heavy duty job boxes and can be easily inventoried and replenished in the future on an as needed basis.

  • Sample Parts (If Necessary)

    Pivotal Pumps has a vast library of part drawings from all of the OEM’s. When requesting pricing and lead time for a part, normally all that is needed is the OEM part number. However, in the event that Pivotal has not previously made this part before, a sample part will be required. The sample part can be supplied in a used/damaged condition, or it may be supplied new from a warehouse.

  • Reverse Engineering (If Necessary

    If a sample part has been supplied, a knowledgeable mechanical engineer will perform a dimensional and metallurgical analysis. This analysis will then be used in conjunction with centrifugal pump design principles to produce the final manufacturing drawing.

  • Manufacturing Operations

    Manufacturing operations are conducted utilizing a variety of processes, including but not limited to: casting of new components, fabrication, welding, machining, balancing, painting and assembly. The vast majority of these processes are performed in-house, by skilled Pivotal Pumps employees. A small percentage of special processes are subcontracted to qualified vendors.

  • Quality Control

    After the part has been manufactured, it flows into Pivotal’s quality control department, where each part is visually inspected and all critical dimensions are measured/documented.

  • Shipment

    Once the part has passed quality control, the part is prepared for shipment, securely packaged and/or crated and delivered to the customer’s facility.

  • Warranty & Continued Support

    Pivotal Pumps warranties all parts to be free from material and workmanship defects for 1-year of operation, regardless of installation date. Customer service and technical phone support are provided for the life of the equipment, free of charge.

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