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Possessing specialized knowledge on pumping applications within the Electric Power Generation industry, Pivotal Pumps is perfectly suited to be the […]

Possessing specialized knowledge on pumping applications within the Electric Power Generation industry, Pivotal Pumps is perfectly suited to be the sole provider for all of your centrifugal pump repair, field service and aftermarket parts needs.  Pivotal has experience servicing pumps for Nuclear, Coal, Combined Cycle, Biomass, Geothermal and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) generation facilities nationwide.  Our team of experts understand the unique pumping applications within each of these complex systems.

Applications in the Power Generation Industry:

While there are many possible applications in the Power Generation industry that Pivotal Pumps is capable of servicing, we find that we most frequently encounter the ones listed below. If you are uncertain whether we are capable of meeting your specific needs, contact us to learn more.
  • Boiler Feed Water Pumps
  • Steam Generator Feed Water Pumps
  • Circulating Water Pumps
  • Condensate Water Pumps
  • Heater Drain Water Pumps
  • Service Water Pumps
  • Cooling Water Pumps
  • Turbine Lube Oil Pumps
  • Ash Sluice Pumps
  • Molten Salt Pumps
  • Heat Transfer Fluid (HTF) Pumps
  • Fire Protection Pumps

Challenge | Solution Examples

Across all industries there are challenges that present themselves on a regular basis. Here are some examples of a challenge that you might face in the Power Generation industry, and how Pivotal Pumps will work to find a solution that works for you.

The unexpected failure of a boiler feed pump at a 650 MW coal-fired power plant causes the unit to reduce output by 50%, costing the power utility roughly $30,000 per hour in lost generation revenue. Unfortunately the plant does not own a spare that can be installed in place of the failed pump. The OEM is contacted and proposes a standard repair lead time of 8-10 weeks, which if selected would result in $40M-50M in total lost generation revenue for the utility.
Instead, the plant selects Pivotal Pumps. Our team of field service technicians rapidly deploy to the plant to assist with the removal of the damaged pump. The pump is then placed on a dedicated truck, utilizing team drivers, and delivered directly to Pivotal’s headquarters in Sussex, WI. Our expert team of pump repair professionals rapidly assess the damage and identify necessary repairs. Parts are expedited through our manufacturing operations, the pump is reassembled and reinstalled at the plant. The entire process was conducted in slightly less than 2 weeks, saving the utility $30M-40M when compared to the OEM repair option.

A 400 MW combined-cycle power plant chooses to upgraded it’s steam turbine blades in order to increase generation. As a result, the plant now requires additional cooling capacity from the condenser, meaning more flow is required from the circulating water pumps in order to optimize the plants thermal efficiency. The plant solicits a proposal from the OEM to retrofit the pump with a larger impeller that will meet the new system requirements. The OEM proposes a 48-52 week delivery for new, larger diameter impeller cast from the original bronze material at a cost that far exceeds the plants budget for the upgrade.
The plant contacts Pivotal Pumps. Using cutting-edge laser scanning technology, Pivotal engineers reverse engineer the existing impeller. A redesign of the impeller is then performed using affinity law calculations. A new impeller is then cast from CA6NM stainless steel, yielding an impeller with significantly higher cavitation resistance when compared to the OEM’s bronze design. The impeller is then machined to the precise size required to meet the new system requirements, and dynamically balanced to 4W/N specifications. Pivotal installs the new impeller during a planned maintenance outage. The entire process is completed in 20 weeks at a significant cost savings when compared to the OEM's pricing.
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