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Whether the oil pumping application is for midstream crude transportation or downstream refining, Pivotal Pumps has the capabilities and expertise […]

Whether the oil pumping application is for midstream crude transportation or downstream refining, Pivotal Pumps has the capabilities and expertise to satisfy your pump repair, field installation and aftermarket parts needs.  At Pivotal, we understand the unique challenges and pressures that are placed on the Oil and Gas industry.  Our proven processes for servicing your high-energy pumps will reduce downtime and increase mean-time-between failures (MTBF).

Applications in the Oil & Gas Industry:

While there are many possible applications in the Oil & Gas industry that Pivotal Pumps is capable of servicing, we find that we most frequently encounter the ones listed below. If you are uncertain whether we are capable of meeting your specific needs, contact us to learn more.
  • Crude Oil Mainline Pumps
  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Pumps
  • Crude Distilling Pumps
  • Thermal Cracker (Coker) Pumps
  • Hydrocracker Pumps
  • Gasoline Blending Pumps
  • Olefins Plant Pumps
  • Chemical Processing Pumps

Challenge | Solution Examples

Across all industries there are challenges that present themselves on a regular basis. Here are some examples of a challenge that you might face in the Oil & Gas industry, and how Pivotal Pumps will work to find a solution that works for you.

EPA regulations place strict leakage requirements on Crude Oil Mainline Pumps used for midstream crude transportation. Large fines are levied for any pumping stations not meeting these requirements. This criteria means that pump seals must be designed, constructed and installed with the highest levels of attention to detail and quality. Often times, pump rebuild facilities are either ill equipped to test for seal leakage prior to shipment, or unwilling to commit to these strict requirements.
Pivotal Pumps utilizes a proprietary hydrostatic testing fixture prior to the shipment of any mainline pumps to ensure that the pumps being supplied will be leak-free once in service. Pivotal’s test engineers document the results of each test and supply a final test report to the pumping station manager prior to the final acceptance of the repaired pump. This gives the pumping station manager confidence in knowing that when the pump is installed, it will operate as designed, without losing a single drop of crude.

Crude oil pipeline pumping applications for offshore to onshore and mountainous terrain applications require pumps operating at high flowrates and increased pressures. The pumps are critical to midstream operations, meaning that unexpected failures are not an option. These pump designs are of high complexity, requiring service technicians with years of experience and engineering expertise.
Pivotal Pumps’ team of engineering and mechanical assembly technicians have a proven track record of repairing and installing highly complex, multi-stage pumps with applications throughout the oil and natural gas industry. There is no pump design that is too challenging for our team. Pivotal has invested in an experienced engineering team, with access to advanced engineering software for any analysis that may be required during the repair of your pump.
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